The transportation of hazardous goods is governed by international regulations abbreviated as ADR.

What type of training you need depends on the work task:

  • general training
  • function-specific training
  • safety training

The truck operator’s rights:

  • Everyone who is involved in transporting hazardous goods has to have ADR training.
  • You must not handle hazardous goods for which you do not have the correct training. You also have the right to require to see the driver’s transport card before you unload the HGV.

The truck operator’s obligations

You must have relevant training to be able to be sure of the following:

  • What do the goods consist of and in what way are they hazardous?
  • How are these goods to be segregated from other goods?
  • What do you have to do if an accident happens?
  • How is any spillage that occurs to be collected?


The consignor of hazardous goods must always issue written instructions (previously transport card).

The written instructions must accompany the consignment and be handed over to the person receiving the goods.

In addition, there must be an accompanying consignment note (goods declaration).

The consignment note must state the level of risk:

  1. = very hazardous
  2. = hazardous
  3. = less hazardous