The most common energy source on electric trucks.

  • The battery consists of cells connected in series.
  • Each cell generates approx. 2 V
    • 12 cells = 24 V
    • 18 cells = 36 V
  • Charging can take up to 10-12 h

Explosive detonating gas and corrosive sulphuric acid are formed in charging.
Naked flame or sparks must not occur!

Battery fluid (elektrolyte)

  • Acid specific gravity normally 1.14 – 1.28 g/ml (up to 1.31)

Acid specific gravity meter (hydrometer)

Battery check

  • Use necessary protective equipment.
  • The battery must be clean and dry.
  • Check that the battery is fully charged, remember the battery log.
  • Charge the battery after use.
  • The fluid lost from the battery must be replaced. Use distilled water, NEVER ACID!
  • Ventilation is important.